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General Enquiries

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General Enquiries

What is the recommended age range for this equipment?
This equipment is not suitable for children under the age of 3 years or over the age of 12 years. Maximum user weight is 65kg. If a Growing Seat has been purchased, a Swing can be used from 12 months of age. (Back to top)

How many children can play on the units at any one time?
Please refer to the individual unit pages for information on maximum number of users per unit. (Back to top)


How can I place an order?
The best way to place an order is directly, using this website. If you would prefer to place your order over the telephone, please call Playdale Garden on 015395 39822 and a member of staff will happily do this for you. (Back to top)

When will I receive my order?

We endeavour to deliver all orders within 3-5 working days. Once you have placed your order you will be contacted with a confirmed delivery date. (Back to top)

What do you charge for delivery?
Please refer to the delivery section of this website. (Back to top)

Can an order be sent to an address that is different to the billing address?
If your delivery address is different to your billing address, please ensure the correct information is input at the time of order. (Back to top)

Do you deliver overseas?
Playdale will happily deliver to you overseas wherever practical or possible, however you will need to contact us on 015395 39822 to check feasibility and to obtain a quotation.  Please note, the Playdale Garden range is designed and tested to a European Safety Standard (BS EN 71-8). Unfortunately, we can only supply to those countries that work to this standard. (Back to top)

How can I pay?
You can pay securely by credit or debit card when ordering your goods from Playdale Garden. (Back to top)

It is difficult to access my property, is this a problem?
We deliver to the front door/driveway/easily accessed garage at your address. It is very important that you advise us if there are access difficulties. (Back to top)

What tools are required for assembling the item?
Standard DIY hand tools will be necessary to assemble the units. A list of tools is provided within the Assembly Instructions supplied with each unit. (Back to top)

Is the unit delivered assembled?
The units are delivered ready to assemble. To keep assembly time to a minimum for you, some elements are delivered preassembled. (Back to top)

Can I assemble the equipment myself?
The equipment will be delivered flat packed with some preassembled components. Comprehensive instructions will be included allowing two competent adults to carry out the assembly themselves. We recommend you keep the information we supply you in a safe place for future reference. (Back to top)

Do you offer an assembly service?
If you would prefer, Playdale will happily deliver and assemble the equipment for you. Please refer to our Assembly page for further information and charges. (Back to top)

How much space is required for each unit?
The space required for each individual item is shown clearly on the individual product pages. You need to allow a free space of at least 2m around each item. (Back to top)

Can I modify the equipment?
For safety reasons please do not make any modifications to your play structure that are not highlighted in your assembly and maintenance instructions. If modified or altered, the guarantees shall be rendered void and Playdale cannot accept liability for any modified products or any consequences resulting from the failure of a modified product. (Back to top)

Can the equipment be moved after it has been assembled?
Equipment can be repositioned with a small amount of dismantling work and sufficient, competent adults to lift the partly assembled product. We recommend you keep the instructions supplied with the unit in a safe place to make this process much easier for you. (Back to top)

How much sand is required for the sand pit?
We recommend 75kg Sand (3 bags), this can be purchased via the Playdale Garden website here. (Back to top)

Is equipment secured into the ground?
Units must be securely fixed to the ground prior to use. Heavy Duty Ground Anchors supplied with each unit are designed to be hammered into the ground. For extra stability these anchors can be concreted into the ground. For sandy and soft ground, additional length disk ground anchors can be purchased separately. (Back to top)

Can equipment be extended in the future?
It maybe possible to extend some units. Please contact us on 015395 39822 for advice. (Back to top)

Can I buy accessories for the equipment and add them myself?
Additional Play Accessories can be purchased from Playdale, please refer to the Accessories section on this website. Accessories should be attached to the unit in accordance with the instructions provided by Playdale. (Back to top)

Can I buy the equipment for commercial use?

Equipment on the Playdale Garden website has been independently tested by TUV SUD to EN71-8. This is the standard for Activity Toys for Domestic Use. Equipment should not be used for Commercial use. (Back to top)

Where is the best place in my garden to site the equipment?
We recommend the equipment is put on a level (max gradient 1 in 50), well drained, grass area with a free space of at least 2m around it. Grass matting can be purchased to help protect your lawn from excessive wearing. Units must not be used directly on concrete, tarmac, stone paving, decking or any other hard surfaces. When positioning a Climbing Frame we recommend you consider facing the slide in a northerly direction. This will help reduce the risk of the slide getting hot after being in direct sunlight for a long period. (Back to top)

Can I put my equipment inside?
This equipment is for outdoor use only. (Back to top)


What is your Returns Policy?
Please click here to read our Returns Policy. (Back to top)

Maintenance and Guarantees

Should I be concerned about splits appearing in the timbers?
Due to the natural characteristics of timber some movement and separation of fibres will occur depending on climatic conditions leading to varying degrees of wrapping and splits. The split will run down the grain sometimes the full length of the timber. This will be more noticeable in drier periods as the moisture content of the timber is lower. This is a natural process caused by changes in the moisture content of the timber and the splits will close up again during wetter periods as the timber moisture content increases. Please be assured these splits have no effect on the structural strength of the timber. It is important that this natural process is allowed to take place and the movement within the timbers is not prevented through use of fillers. Any use of fillers would potentially invalidate guarantees. (Back to top)

Will the Timber appearance change with age?
Yes. Initially the timber will have an attractive green/brown tone due to the preservative used in the pressure treatment. With time, this tone will gradually change through weathering to a natural weathered and aged timber appearance giving an equally attractive natural silvery grey tone. (Back to top)

How long is the equipment guaranteed for?

We offer comprehensive guarantees on all components up to 10 years. Please refer to the Guarantees section on each product page for full details. (Back to top)

What are the conditions of the guarantees?
Please refer to our Playdale Garden Terms and Conditions. (Back to top)

What maintenance does it require?
Minimal maintenance is required. Inspection and maintenance guidance is provided with each product. (Back to top)

Can I get spare parts for it?
Spare parts are available for all Playdale Garden products. Please call 015395 39822 for more information.  (Back to top)
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