A Child's Climbing Frame is A Gift That Keeps On Giving

by Rachel Perrier on 6 January 2015

Children are living increasingly sedentary lives due to the increase in technology and an influx of cars on the road.  Where once children going out to play in the morning and not returning home until their tummy grumbled was the norm, now children spend more time indoors entertaining themselves with equipment that exercises their forefinger and little else.  The implication of an inactive lifestyle can affect a child's attitude to exercise and healthy living throughout their entire lives.  Encouraging our children to play outside will not only improve their physical health it will allow them to develop their imagination and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you choose to surprise your brood with a gift of a child's climbing frame, you are filling your garden with a million different adventures that will allow your child to exercise without even knowing it.  All of our swings and child's climbing frames are designed to grow with your children so your five year old will have as much fun playing as your twelve year old.  A single swing such as the Honeybee Swing can bring an immense amount of pleasure, as your child soars through the sky.  If your children enjoy the local playground they will certainly relish the thought of  having their own climbing frame in their back garden.  Playdale Garden child's climbing frames range from the compact Meadow Child's Climbing Frame to the mighty Mountain Child's Climbing Frame so you will be able to buy a climbing frame that fits both your garden and your budget.

You will be able to supervise your children from close by and give them the opportunity to spend many hours playing outside.  The NHS website informs us that active children who have a healthy diet tend to be in good physical shape and perform better in school.  If we encourage our children to participate in physical activity for an hour a day then we are helping them to develop healthy habits from a young age.  By giving them the opportunity to play on a climbing frame in the garden you are ensuring that they have less time in front of a screen and the exercise will tire them so they will sleep soundly.  

A child's climbing frame is a gift for all seasons and can be enjoyed on cold winter days and in the summer sunshine.  If you find that your children are not sure how to enjoy their new climbing frame you can demonstrate all of the elements and play possibilities by playing with them.  Your children will thoroughly enjoy playing with you and you will be setting them a good example of how to enjoy exercise.

All of our equipment is made in the UK and our manufacturing system  is BSI approved and designed to the Toy Safety Standard so you can feel confident that your children will be able to have fun on safe and well built equipment.  We do recommend that you supervise your children while playing on the equipment at all times.

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