Play Towers and Fairy Tales

by Rachel Perrier on 25 March 2015

'Rapunzel, Rapunzel, - let down your hair so that I may climb the golden stair', are familiar words from the fairy tale Rapunzel. Many years of research have concluded that it is extremely beneficial for children to listen to and participate in fairytales. One of the most influential child psychologists of the twentieth century, Bruno Bettelheim, concluded that classic fairy tales increased children's psychological stability.  This is because children are able to explore their own emotional response to situations that are good and evil.  At a more practical level fairy tales have a very transparent story structure enabling children to recognise the main components of a story allowing them to adapt it to their own stories.

Fairy tales can be experienced in many different ways, including the use of drama and puppets.  By using props children can learn to empathise with the characters and increase their understanding of story structure. Traditional fairy tales are considered to be; not politically correct, sexist and have cruel baddies but are enjoyed by children far more than censored versions.  Children like to be scared by a fairytale because ultimately the baddie always gets their comeuppance and the hero is victorious.

Playdale Garden climbing frames all have a play tower within their construction enabling children to imagine that the tower is part of a fairy tale or an adventure.  The play tower in your garden may very well be used as a prison for a princess with long golden hair or it may even manifest itself as a pirate ship on the high seas.  Watch your children play and listen to the stories they conjure up while exercising on their climbing frame.  Playdale Garden climbing frames also have the option of adding various accessories such as, a sandpit,  steering wheel, periscope and binoculars enabling the play tower to become a high functioning den. 

If your children like to spend a lot of time on computer games that involve construction and hiding away from enemies.  Encourage them to transfer their imagination to participating in developing their construction skills in real life.  Using a climbing frame as a base camp they can act out their favourite game with friends or relatives in the safety of their own garden. You never know playing with a Playdale Garden climbing frame may inspire your children to become great story tellers. It is believed that a view of two industrial towers inspired Tolkien to write his epic trilogy, 'The Lord of The Rings',  All authors combine the power of every life experience they have ever had with every story they have heard to create their wonderful stories. 

If you would like to encourage imaginative play and the idea of installing a climbing frame in the garden sounds like a great way to encourage your child's story telling skills, either phone 015395 39822 or contact us here and we would be happy to discuss the different climbing frame options available to you.

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