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Sliding To Success

We completely underestimate the benefits of zooming down a slide simply because the experience passes so quickly and is it so much fun.  When you visit playgrounds with your children they are attracted to the lure of the slide and will often play on it in ways that you never imagined....

Read More » by Rachel Perrier on 20 January 2015

A Child's Climbing Frame is A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Children are living increasingly sedentary lives due to the increase in technology and an influx of cars on the road.  Where once children going out to play in the morning and not returning home until their tummy grumbled was the norm, now children spend more time indoors entertaining...

Read More » by Rachel Perrier on 6 January 2015

Rock Climbing And A Child's Climbing Frame

Often we are told by experts to encourage our children to play but rarely gain an understanding of what play is and how skills learnt during play are applied to activities we may undertake when we become adults.  Playing outside is not just an easy way to get children from under our feet it...

Read More » by Rachel Perrier on 28 November 2014

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