Sliding To Success

by Rachel Perrier on 20 January 2015

We completely underestimate the benefits of zooming down a slide simply because the experience passes so quickly and is it so much fun.  When you visit playgrounds with your children they are attracted to the lure of the slide and will often play on it in ways that you never imagined.  Slides are generally connected to other pieces of equipment such as a tower or a child's climbing frame so the possibilities of activity are endless.  Slides tend to be the busiest piece of equipment in the playground so purchasing a child's climbing frame with a slide for the garden at home will allow your child to enjoy the physical benefits of a slide in the safety of their own garden.


In order to experience the feeling of weightlessness when going down a slide a child has to climb to the top of the slide and then allow gravity to pull them down the slide.  The physical exertion involved in this activity not only strengthens bones and muscles it also burns body fat.  Climbing requires much more effort than walking and causes the heart to pump faster replenishing the body's oxygen supply quicker.  Encouraging children to participate in activities ensures that your child has good cardiovascular health and improves their sporting abilities.  Pushing their body in this way gives them greater stamina and makes them less likely to take up sedentary habits such as watching too much television.

Enjoying The Outdoors

Not only are your children experiencing fresh air while playing outside on their child's climbing frame and slide they are also benefiting from being able to synthesise vitamin D from the sun.  Children who play outside a lot have high levels of vitamin D and reduce the risk of contracting illnesses such as rickets, which is caused by vitamin D deficiency. Mud, dirt and other yucky things that make our clothes filthy actually contain bacteria that is beneficial to our bodies and can strengthen immune systems for life. The beauty of having a child's climbing frame in your garden means that you know exactly what type of dirt your child has covered themselves up in.

Safety First

Having a child's climbing frame and slide in your garden at home has many benefits particularly for busy parents who just don't have the time to spend hours in a public playground.  In terms of safety your children will be able to play on a slide whenever they want to without the fear of crossing dangerous roads and worrying about strangers.  Parents can keep a watchful eye on their children ensuring that they are playing safely and using the equipment properly from the comfort of their own homes.

Encouraging Friendships

Many parents cringe at the thought of play dates because entertaining two children who have just bottled up enough energy to power up a space rocket in school is no easy task.  If you have a child's climbing frame in the garden inviting children to your house after school may not be such a scary experience after all.  You will be able to supervise the children while making a healthy snack for them to eat.

We have a wide range of child's climbing frames with slides for you to choose from. If you would like to have more information about our garden play equipment either visit our website or call 015395 39822.

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