5 Great Garden Games to Play with your Kids

by on 23 April 2014

Garden Games with Children

Playing in the garden is great fun when you're a child. It's a chance to explore and learn about nature, to roll around on the grass, play 'tag' with your friends or play on your garden climbing frame and swing. The warmer months open up a new world of adventure and excitement to children and it's a great opportunity to spend some quality family time, play some garden games and have some fun.

Here are 5 great garden games ideas for you to play with your children:

Water Fight

A good water fight is great fun and is an event that children will cherish for a lifetime. Ask your neighbours to join in and you can play in teams against each other. There's no greater feeling when you're a child than landing a water balloon precisely onto your parent's head from the top of your climbing frame!

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are a great way to keep children entertained and they will love to search for their prize at the end. Spend some time preparing the hunt, it's important that it isn't too difficult, but you don't want it to be over in 10 minutes. Choose a theme, create some exciting clues and a treasure map for your children to navigate. Hide the treasure well and make the final clue a bit more difficult.

Sports Day

Invite some of your children's friends over and host your own sports day. The classic games are the best - egg and spoon race, long jump,swing as high as you can, hula-hoops, bowling and tip 'n' run. Kids will love to compete against the adults and its good, healthy fun - just make sure that you have enough prizes for all of the kids at the end!

Blowing Bubbles

Children are amazed by bubbles! Make your own bubbles out of soap and water, add some sugar in to enhance the bubble solution and make the bubbles last longer. You could even make your own bubble wand by shaping a coat hanger to create bigger bubbles.

Assault Course

Create a challenging assault course out of anything that you can find at home. You could set up a slalom between bean tins, wheelbarrow race, crawl under a blanket, use any garden play equipment to create obstacles - the list is endless!

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