Moorland Climbing Frame

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Teamwork is vital to master the Moorland's oval swing seat as children will work together to swing as high as they can. This impressive climbing frame has a range of activities that your children will love to explore.
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Home assembly
  • Home delivery
  • 2 person assembly
  • Delivery from just £39.95
  • Treated timber

Moorland Child's Climbing Frame

What you'll get...

  • A High Quality Timber Frame - Manufactured from pressure treated timber it is virtually maintenance free and guaranteed for 10 years against rot and insect infestation.  The pre-cut, profiled timber frame is stronger than rounded timbers of the same width.  Planed to a smooth, splinter free finish without any sharp edges, it is safe and very user friendly.
  • 1.5m Tower Deck with Roof - Includes a roof and lookout window made from high quality fabric and clear PVC.
  • Ladder
  • 3.0m Slide (1.5m High)
  • Oval Swing Seat - these swing seats are great for children to play together and are suitable for a wide range of abilities.
  • Rope Ladder - With Hardwood rungs and Polyhemp rope.  A high quality, natural coloured synthetic fibre rope that has the look and feel of a natural fibre rope.  It is soft to touch, yet strong and durable. It does not shrink when wet, is UV stabilised and will not fade in sunlight.
  • Sand Pit - there is space for a sand pit underneath the 1.5m tower, you can purchase play sand and a sand pit cover in the Additional Items section below.
  • Fixings - All hooks and fixings are made from galvanised or stainless steel to provide ultimate security.
  • Ground Anchors x 6 - All of our units are supplied with ground anchors.
  • Full Assembly and Maintenance Instructions - Easy to follow instructions are provided as well as information on how to maintain your play unit.
  • Part Assembled Elements - In comparison to some manufacturers who provide their play units in component pieces, we have pre-assembled some elements to save you time. This unit will take approximately 5.5 hours to assemble by 2 adults.
  • Peace of Mind - All of our equipment is independently tested by TUV SUD to BS EN 71-8

The Benefits Of A Child's Climbing Frame

Outdoor play is a remarkable way for children to develop a wide range of important life skills. A child's climbing frame can enhance the play experience by giving children increased stimuli to develop their imaginative skills or adding extra obstacles to develop physical skills. Physical activity is so beneficial in terms of health and increasing the strength of your child's body. Climbing up a large structure introduces your child to the concept of risk and prompts them to move around safely because they are more aware of their bodies and the amazing things it can do. Your child will be encouraged to communicate with you more because they will be so excited to tell you about what they have done.

Additional items also available

Bolt-On Accessories

A maximum of 3 Bolt-On Accessories can fit onto this unit. Choose from:
These additional items should be fitted in accordance with the assembly instructions provided by Playdale.
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Disc Ground Anchor
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Grass Mats for Moorland Climbi...
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Knot Cord Rope Climb
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Sand Pit Cover
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Sand to fill Sand Pit
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Steering Wheel
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